Translator Positions Available

TranStream is an on-demand service, programmed to pay translators instantly via their PayPal accounts at the completion of each service call. Translators are paid in American dollars per minute of service depending on experience. If you are a translator and would like to apply as an independent remote translator, simply follow the instructions below.

The following criteria is essential in our translator recruitment process.
Answer the following questions, if applicable, in your audio application.

  • Are you a native speaker of the language you are applying for as a translator?
  • Are you a confident, fluent English speaker?
  • Do you have English writing and communication skills?

The following relates to our pro service which pays more per minute.

  • Do you have experience in medical, legal or business translation services?

Please submit a personal audio application in ENGLISH
Describe your qualifications as well as your past work experience.

We will contact you with more information within 3 days

Voice Message Limited to 5 Minutes or Less