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TranStream Global, an Internet based communications company, has developed a revolutionary program that solves the common dilemma lingering over the medical, legal and travel industries, addressing one of the great challenges and opportunities of the emerging information society – the need for, and the development of an instant global translation service that streams 2-way live translators on demand in high definition video.

More than 50 million Americans are Limited English Proficient (LEP), a number that is growing rapidly and has increased by 30 percent over the past decade—more than triple the growth rate of the overall U.S. population. As LEP individuals begin representing an overwhelmingly large percentage of the population, providing the language services will become more expensive, and the resulting landscape will not only necessitate a more effective strategy that allows those who are LEP and interpreters to interact face-to-face, but will also provide a major incentive for all industries to provide the most effective services possible for everyone.

Forecasters predict vast growth in the tourism and transport industry and that by 2020, International tourism in the United States will reach well over 100 million per year. As it becomes easier for people who speak different languages to intermingle, how do they communicate in a way that promotes greater understanding? This is the issue that faces the translation service industry.

Local governments face increasing costs providing translation services to those who do not speak English. NYC alone estimates translation services expenses at over 60 million per year. The total cost for providing translation services by city and state government agencies could be as much as 10 Billion a year by 2020. The legal industry alone estimates translation service expenses now exceed 5 billion dollars annually.

In our globalized world, audio-based systems no longer provide an adequate solution. Remote Video Translation is now a limited option offered by a few companies. The available languages are limited, they’re not available 24/7 and they carry high per minute charges.

Machine translation technology has reached the point where it is widely usable by the average user, but the difference between it and a professional translation is acutely visible. Machine translation is not capable of reaching the same accuracy or fluency as a human. Every person who speaks a language can add new words to the vocabulary, give new meaning to existing words, change the grammar or tweak the spelling. Statistical machine translation will never be able to keep up with all these evolving changes. The imperfection of everyday machine translation will increase recognition of the benefits that quality human translation offers.

When it comes to virtual and augmented reality, Tim Cook stated he and Apple are most interested in AR because it can enhance and amplify human experiences. He also said, “There’s no substitute for human contact”.

TranStream Global has devised a comprehensive marketing strategy intended to reflect the benefits of live video translation services. TranStream provides live video translators 24/7 on any device connected to the Internet at a fraction of the cost of any audio or remote video system.

We’re living in a global moment of change in communications where billions of dollars are spent every year for translation services. TranStream Global is perfectly poised to capture a major portion of this surging industry.

Translator Positions Available

TranStream is an on-demand service, programmed to pay translators instantly via their PayPal accounts at the completion of each service call. Translators are paid in American dollars per minute of service depending on experience. If you are a translator and would like to apply as an independent remote translator, simply follow the instructions below.

The following criteria is essential in our translator recruitment process.
Answer the following questions, if applicable, in your audio application.

  • Are you a native speaker of the language you are applying for as a translator?
  • Are you a confident, fluent English speaker?
  • Do you have experience in medical, legal or business translation services?
  • Do you have English writing and communication skills?

Please submit a personal audio application in ENGLISH
Describe your qualifications as well as your past work experience.

We will contact you with more information within 3 days

Voice Message Limited to 5 Minutes or Less

Advisory Board


Maurice (Mo) Goulet


Maurice Goulet is a visionary entrepreneur in the field of online communications. In 1981, AT&T developed the first telephone interpretation service. It was the same year that Maurice became involved with the Missouri school for the deaf. As he saw the frustrations experienced by deaf children, he knew that video communications would revolutionize the healthcare industry. As data compression technology advanced, he began developing a program capable of streaming 2-way video services online and in 2008 TranStream Global was conceived.

Maurice envisions creating a better way of doing something that enriches people’s lives

Media Relations

John Daly


John Daly is best known for his appearances on Real-TV, a program that he hosted for nearly four years. At its height, the show had more than 4 million viewers, and achieved the highest first-year Nielsen ratings, beating competition like Hard Copy and Inside Edition. Mr. Daly also took one of the worst news stations in the nation and helped it become a top competitor in the national market. He has won a number of awards including regional Emmy and AP Awards and now serves as a Wealth Manager, Producer, and speaker. Mr. Daly is additionally a published author, who penned the book Truth: The No BS Guide to Navigating a Media-Biased World. Mr. Daly spent much of his early career as a television news anchor. He has worked for stations including KTNV in Las Vegas, where he was an Anchor and Managing Editor, and MFSB in Hartford, WPRI in Providence, and WCTI in New Bern, North Carolina. Mr. Daly began his career as a reporter for the Norwich Bulletin.

Financial Advisor

Rocque Pucci


Professional background encompassing over 40 years experience in Management, including over 7 years as a Business Consultant. He has spent 18 years as a Banker specializing in Operations , Consumer and Commercial loans and Branch Management. Consulted in a Medical Facility, analyzing the business and acted as liaison between Insurance Providers, and potential Medical employees. Consulted in several other business startup companies. He owned his own Insurance Marketing company in Nevada and Utah. Graduated Magna cum Laude with a B.S. in Business Administration from St. Joseph’s College, Philadelphia, PA in 1973.

Medical Advisory Members

Paul Vernon, M.D.


Board-Certified Ophthalmologist Board-Certified: American Board of Ophthalmology Certified: American Board of Eye Surgery and Cataract/Refractive Surgery. BS in Psychology while playing number-1 tennis for Queens College NYC M.D. from Hahnemann in 1977 Internship at Monmouth Medical Center in Internal Medicine 77-78 Residency in Ophthalmology at SUNY Buffalo,NY 78-81.Private practice in General Ophthalmology from 8/81 to present Chief of Ophthalmology Department Zurbrugg Memorial Hospital 1986-1993 Speaks English, Spanish and Hungarian fluently.

Moishe Starkman, M.D.


Board-Certified Family Practitioner, American Board Of Family Practice, National Board Of Medical Examiners Fellow: American Board of Family Practice M.D. – Temple University School Of Medicine 1986 Residency – Memorial Hospital Of Burlington County , Mount Holly , NJ. 1989

Private Practice – since 1989 Member American Academy Of Family Physicians, Burlington County NJ. Local Chapter Of Family Physicians

Lawrence Madoff, M.D.


Board Certified – American Board of Pediatrics. University of Geneva, School of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland. Post grad. training in Pediatrics and general medicine -Honolulu, Hi and Oakland, Calif. Fellowship – Tropical Medicine: Walter Reed Army Hospital. Served in US Army in Germany- Honorable discharge as Major and US Peace Corps- Cameroon, Africa.

Active medical licenses in Calif. Hawaii, Nevada and New York.

In The News

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is comprised of provisions designed to expand access to subsidized health insurance coverage and reduce the number of uninsured, which will cause a predicted 30 million newly-insured patients to flood what some deem to be an already overburdened healthcare system—and 9 million of whom are limited English proficient (LEP) and …